Rainy Day on a Perfect Monday

Monday is usually a busy day but since it’s a Holiday here in our country, I get to do the things that I love aside from working. I still did went to the office and did some stuff before I asked my best-friend to take a photo of my ootd. I was able to write a blog post on the outfit I wore last Saturday which I was really thankful about, but what makes my holiday more meaningful and wonderful is that I get to spend my day with my special someone.

Long Flared Sleeves Off-Shoulder

I'm totally smiling while writing this blog post now. Looking at these gorgeous photos my best-friend took for me again. I can't help myself but to smile every time a colleague or a friend of mine admires the way I dressed. They even call me barbie because of the way I dress and I feel flattered. I admit it, I am not really that expert when it talks about fashion because I ain't a fashion designer. All I know is that I dress according to what my heart desires. And I don't dress to impress, I dress to express myself. I think everyone knew that we have different styles. Mine had been changing over the years but only one thing that will never change and that is my love for off-shoulders. 

Classy and Sassy♥

It's about to rain when  we did this shoot, special thanks to my best-friend who supports me all the way and did a real quick shoot for this. Doing an ootd shoot and blogging about it may seem easy for most of the fashion bloggers because they have their own Personal Assistant but as for me, I have to schedule a shoot and ask favor from my best-friend or from a colleague to be my photographer. Good thing I am blessed with people who supports this little space I have on the internet and always gets excited for me whenever I received some invites for an event or whenever some of the online store send me some clothing to do an outfit post. Thank you guys! I really appreciate it. 

An open letter to a Very Special Person

For the past three years, we have shared a bond that we both called friendship. I often smile at you, say hi, shared jokes, stories, food, water and anything that you’re willing to share. I must admit that I admire you for being that friendly and nice towards everybody.  You know my story back then, yet you never judged me, instead you admired me for it and I thanked you for that. Fast forward, those simple bonds of friendship have developed and it happened unexpectedly. The kindness, the sweetness, the care have been doubled. I have noticed the gestures but instead of being afraid, my heart feels flattered. For the longest time, I felt really happy. A different kind of happiness, a happiness that I missed.

I just want you to know that I admired your bravery for pursuing me, for taking the risk and for following your heart. I know it ain’t easy because we started as friends but I want you to know that falling for you isn’t that hard. It was unexpected and I must say that it was a perfect fall. You caught me with both hands, and held gently in your arms and for the first time, I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t worry, I just let it happen. I let YOU happen. I let you IN. and it made me HAPPY.

I have broken some rules, my rules but I never felt guilty breaking those rules. You know already what those rules are. It is something I made to protect myself from getting badly hurt but you became an exception.

Thank you.

Thank you for being brave, for being thoughtful, for being sweet and for forgetting all the worries inside your head. Thank you for following your heart because it leads me to you. Thank you for making me smile the sweetest smile, for making me laugh with your corny pickup lines, for understanding my mood swings, for making my tummy and my heart full with the random sweetness overload, for spoiling me too much with those surprises, for loving my daughter, for accepting my past, for always being there and above all for loving me more than the love that I deserved.

To be honest, I don’t know what lies ahead but I am praying in silent that our love will last longer. This is the kind of love that I am praying.  This is the kind of love that is worth fighting for. This is the kind of love that I would never be ashamed of, and always remember that I am too proud and too lucky having you.

I know that we will face challenges and obstacles in this relationship but I want you to know that we will surpass whatever it is as long as we have each other. As long as you hold my hand, I will never let it go. 

Lampe Berger, Now in Cebu♥

Lampe Berger (pronounced as lamp-berjey or lamp-burzhay) is now in Cebu!

Wait, what? I know, it sounds really new. Yeah, it’s a French brand. TBH, I didn’t have any idea about it before the bloggers’ conference. I was surprised when I knew that Lampe Berger is the first product ever invented to purify air, with over one hundred fifteen (115) years of innovation. I thought to myself, well that’s amazing.

Lampe Berger is one of the few technologies to offer real improvement in the quality of air in the home. It creates a universe where undesirable odors are banished. The beautiful wide collection of lamps decorates the homes with exquisite designs to complement any décor. It provides a selection of scents, each of unique aromacholigical advantages, such that its fragrance helps soothe common illnesses such as common colds, headaches, flu, or even asthma (although there are no approved therapeutic claims as of yet). To top it all, Lampe Berger improves health and well-being with its array of purifying scents.

It is worth to note that Lampe Berger sells one million lamps each year, five million liters of fragrance (yearly) and over seven thousand point of sales worldwide, including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Truly, Lampe Berger is more than what meets the eye.  

Lampe Berger is more than just a fragrance.

Aside from clean air that is its primary purpose, the beautiful lamp designs are truly world-class. I thought they were perfume bottles but I was shook when I knew they were lamps! Ain’t it awesome?

The lamps vary from PHP 3,595.00 to PHP 5,595.00 while the air purifying scents come in 1L (PHP 1,795.00) and 500mL (PHP 1,195.00) sizes. They have twenty (20) different calming scents. The lamps and scents are priced separately, but they have gift sets combining the two. The packaging comes with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use it. I know it is a bit pricy, but come to think of the many advantages of this no-ordinary air purifying freshener: clean and safe air (imagine the pollution all around Metro Cebu, right?).

GOOD NEWS! Lampe Berger will officially open its second shop in the Philippines (the first is in Manila), the very first one in Cebu, on August 21, Monday at Ayala Mall. For more information and details, do visit their website here

this blog post is written by my sister Joanna Lanojan who attended the event for me.