When we're talking about elegance, the first thing that came in our mind is how a woman dressed accordingly. Like what Audrey Hepburn said, Elegance is the only beauty that never fades. True indeed, that's why I always love the idea of wearing a vintage midi dress. It has a unique style that will definitely make a woman looks elegant and sophisticated. Take a look at my Rosegal wishlist of vintage midi dresses and let me know what you think about wearing one. 

Floral Print A Line Sleeveless Midi Dress

Halter High-Waisted Rose Print Backless Vintage Dress

Butterfly Embroidered Dovetail Dress With Pocket

Gorgeous right? They actually have plenty of design that I'm sure you'll definitely love. What's even great is that they're on sale right now! Hurry up and browse at and shop for your classy vintage dress! And oh they also have pink sweater dress, which is too cute to resist! :) 
How about you? Do you love vintage dresses too? Share your thoughts and comment down below. Thank you for reading! :)

#Bffgoals: How I spend our first Summer Escapade this 2017

This is a long overdue post and I apologized for that. This has been sitting on my draft for months now.  Anyways, last April, together with my bestfriend Chrissie and my sister Joanna, we travel to the Southern part of Cebu. It's a 3-4 hours drive from the heart of Cebu and it's really worth it. Having to spend some time with my bestfriend, my sister and with mother earth. It was actually my second time visiting Batong, Malunhaw Resort and I must admit that the memories I had back then was not worth remembering. I was just amazed how the place have developed over the years and how the staff have become more friendly and accommodating. Back then food isn't available, we need to bring our own, but now, there's a menu that you can choose from and they will order it for you. The resort is a government owned so it's much cheaper and affordable. There were tourist too who come and go once in a while, because dolphins swims nearby which we have witnessed too. What's even great is that you can go snorkeling as long as you bring your own gears. They are still in the process of developing the resort more as I've talked to one of the staff, they're planning to put a small stall for snorkeling gears. Anyhow, we make used of our time there by relaxing under the tree, swimming unto the beach, picture taking and chilling in front of the beach. So here are the photos we managed to take while we were enjoying :)