The Comeback + my Baby doll's Introduction♥

by - 17 October

Oh Yes I'm Back! you just don't have any idea how I wanted to sit down for a while and write a blog post but time won't allow me (busy mommy here *_^). Three months ago I have given birth to a very beautiful baby girl I named, Kendra Celestine.  July 15, 2014 at 12:17 a.m. to be exact. Yes, I have given birth earlier. My due date was supposedly on the 28th of July but earlier on July I got sick with a high fever. I was really worried that time because I know my baby would be affected. I went to my doctor for my monthly pre-natal and there I found out that my blood pressure was way too high. So my doctor advises me to be admitted and will undergo through force labor. 
I got admitted at July 14, 2014, that's Monday, at exactly  3 in the afternoon. That's 9 hours of pain but it's all worth it! It's all clear to me now, I can now feel my mom when she worried a lot for her children because that's what I felt when I found out that my baby had a fever the moment she was born. There's no one to blame but me, I got high fever when I gave birth as well. But Thank God She was normal :). Fast Forward, as I am writing this blog post, She's now on her 3rd month. I love her laughter, her cute face, her tiny little hands and feet, and everything about her. I love her so much, to the moon and back! She's everything to me now, She's my world, She's my anchor, My compass, Yes! She is my north star. I guess this is what we called A MOTHER'S UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I always misses her when I go to work, just like now, I'm in the office and I left her at home with my moma. I'm actually looking for a nanny right now but I can't find one and maybe it's better that way, I don't want her to grow up loving her nanny more than me. I'm a jealous mom :) lol. Anyways, here's a photo of my cute baby doll. There are a lot of these on my facebook, so if you're a follower on my social networking sites then you probably know that she's all over my timeline. :) #warningcutenessoverload!

Seeing her for the first time made my heart beat faster. It was more than love at first sight. I just can't describe the exact words on what I felt that moment. Seeing her made me cry, tears of JOY indeed! All the pain I've felt was all worth it.
My baby doll @ 2nd week :) Her first kikay photo.
My cute lil dollie in her sleeping mode :)
My charming baby doll ^_^ she always does this, her smile always made my day!
Her OOTD ♥ Fashionista like mommy♥
I have sleepless nights during her first month, I remember that there was one moment when she was crying so hard and I was so sleepy already, tears fell from my eyes. It's really a tough job, but having her in my life is the best thing that happened to me. Who can relate to everything I've said? Tell me your story as well! Feel free to comment below. It is so glad to be back! I miss you all! ^.^ 

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  1. wahh OMG ka cute gyud!!!! that smile! so pretty!!! future beauty queen/model/actress! wishing only the best for Baby Kendra!!! can't wait to see her again soon!!!! future fashion blogger sad c baby puhon,so lucky to have a mom like u Ate,pretty mommy and baby!

    1. Hehe.. Yes tin, her smile made me forgot all my problems,,.. :) Thank you so much! :)

  2. Hala oy kahinumdum man nuon ko sauna katong baby pasad kaayo si Zayn. Haha! Hello baby Kendra!!! <333

    P.S. Hooooray! congrats sa domain!!! ♥

    1. ahah.. Time really flies so fast! :)
      hoorraay~! thank you so much dear! I am forever grateful for this :)

  3. That's my niece there! XD I changed my pasword for gmail te...

    1. Okay good for you :) got my new domain already :) yippee!!

  4. Congrats for the little angel! Your baby is so cute!!! <3