What Am I Grateful For?

by - 29 December

I can't believe that 2014 is about to end, two more days and we'll be welcoming 2015. I have to say that this year, so far is one of the best years of my life. I have so much to be thankful for and so many to be thankful of. First, let me say thank you to one of the kindest blogger I've met not just virtually but personally as well. Thank You Janine of Lime & Life not just for tagging me but as well as for being so friendly and for being so kind to me. ^_^ Thank You! 

1. GOD

I know that I have so many mistakes over the past years and I have caused him so much pain and I'm really sorry for that. Still, He showered me with so much love, with so many blessings and He had given me the best gift of all time, My Baby Doll.  I'm always grateful for him, because without him, We are Nothing. Thank You So Much Papa God, for all the things you've done for us! :)


I was born and raise up with right values and good moral. My life isn't perfect, I have so many heartaches and downfall but then they never left me alone. Instead, they accepted my flaws and embrace me during my darkest moments. I don't know what would I be and where would I be without them. Having a great parents and wonderful brothers and sisters around made my life more colorful. Truly, they are my wealth. 


I know that most of us had their stories, having a best friend and losing them is one the hurtful moments in our lives. I had a best friend back then, we used to call each other as gurlfriend, but things had changed. I don't know what happened exactly but it was her choice. Putting an end to the bond that we both take good care and nourished was very painful. I hope you can read this, because God knows I tried, I've reached out but then you never look back. You are still here, inside my heart, and you will never be erased. Thank You still, for the 8 years of friendship. For my newly found Best friend, Yes, God had given me this wonderful girl who's been there for me all through out my journey. I met her last 2012, and from then on we became good, and best of friends. We do have misunderstandings but we make sure that at the end of the day, we were able to fix it. Thank You crazy Chrissie for sticking around! Thank you for being there for my Baby Doll as well. Cheers for more years!:) 


From being pregnant up to giving birth, I always thank God for giving me Good Health. Especially now that I have my baby doll with me, sometimes I got no sleep because I have to make sure that she had her milk and check her diaper from time to time. Then the following day, I have to work for our living. I sure gets tired but for my baby I have to be strong. 


Being a Single Mom is really a tough job. You have to make sure that you provide your baby's basic needs. I don't really have a big salary, but still, having a good job with some basic allowance and bonuses is something to be thankful for. I was able to provide not just my baby's basic needs but as well as helping my family on paying our bills. 


I know I'm not perfect, and I have my flaws and I accept it whole heartily. I know for a fact that I have some haters and I Thank them for that. It only means I was recognized and was envied. Thank You for making me stronger and for making me realized that I'm way better than you are. I always wish you would find an inner peace and happiness someday. :)


Gee! I am out of words, Thank You is not even enough on how happy I am for every comment you left on my blog. For all the wonderful and inspiring words you left me. My blogging journey would be a whole lot different without you guys! I know that I have so many backlogs and hiatus this year but you never left and I am very grateful for that. You all inspire me to blog even more. Cheers for more years! :)


When I started working on a government firm, I felt I was too young back then. I was assigned at different office before where all of their eyes was on me. It's so hard to work under pressure and with those kind of people. I understand that they were way older than me and that they haven't adapt the new way of living. But when I was transferred in a different department everything changed. People here are very jolly, feeling young and easy to get along with. They are like an older brother and sister to me. Having these kind of people around made my job easier and my life a lot more happier! 


Waking up each day, being surrounded by wonderful people who loves and supports you made your life worth living for. :)


The highlight of my 2014 was giving birth to my little doll. It brings HAPPINESS, CONTENTMENT and JOY that I never felt before. It's a magical experience that made me cry for joy!That magical moment..
 Seeing her for the very first time at the delivery room made me forgot all the pain I felt physically and mentally. Her arrival changed me to become a better me, a better daughter, a better sister and a better Mom I could ever be.

My 2014 was indeed a memorable year for me, It was never easy but I'm so proud that I've overcome all the challenges that I've encountered. I have learned so many things in life that made me A Better Version of Me. Stronger, Wiser, Fiercer and Bolder! :) 

How About You? What Are the things You are Grateful For?

Everyone is free to do the Challenge, hence, I am tagging 10 beautiful blogs to do this wonderful Tag. 

Christin of Tom and Tins
Hazel of Hazel Asoy
Raquel of Omnivogues
Genzel of Genzel Kisses
Zane of Zane♥
Angela of Angela Vissers

The rules of doing this challenge is very easy as one two three!
First, thank the person who tagged you and leave a link for them.
Second, write about 10 things you are grateful for. Anything that popped out on your mind and explain why.
Lastly, tag 10 bloggers and comment on their blog. Let them know they've been tagged.

I think this will be my last post for this year! :) Wishing you a Happy New year and cheers for more fruitful years ahead of us! :)

-Hugs & Kisses from Yours Truly and My Baby Doll

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  1. Thanks for tagging me hot and sexy mom :-) I will surely do this tomorrow :-)
    I love reading the things that you're grateful for, you're an inspiration and a very strong woman.
    I always love your blog sis :-)
    Happy New Year!


    1. awe :) You're welcome Zane dear! Let me know once you're done so I can read it as well :) Happy New Year!

  2. Done sis, I am so excited so I did it now! hehe.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this Rica dear! Great list! Looking forward to seeing you guys again!!! <3


    1. You're welcome Janine dear and Thank you for tagging me. :) Yes, can't wait to see you guys again! :)

  4. Thanks for tagging me darling :) It's such a nice tag! Your answers are very inspiring! You are very thankful for each thing in your life, which shows you kind heart! I'm happy that I can write about 10 things I am thankful for... Can't wait to answer them c:
    Much love and Happy New Year,

    1. You're welcome darling! Can't wait to read yours :)

  5. This is so beautiful. It is amazing to read what you are grateful for.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog <3
    I'm following you on GFC, hope you'll follow back ^^

    Happy holidays!

  7. Hey, great post, love it!
    I follow you on GFC , hope you will follow me back!

  8. This is such a lovely blogpost! I adore your sweetness girl! You deserve a lot of love and I wish you all the best for 2015!


  9. These tags are great to read. I'm grateful for every big and little thing that happend to me; if they hadn't, I wouldn't be here where I am now ;) Happy holidays! Followed via gfc #236, care to follow back? xx Maja
    - http://modern-muffin.blogspot.com

  10. Thank you for tagging me! I will definitely do this in the next days! :)

    1. You're much welcome dear! :) Can't wait to read yours :)

    2. Hey dear! :) I've uploaded my post and answered this question. Thanks again for tagging me! :)

    3. Awe :) have read it already :)) Thanks for doing the tag ! :)) I'm really happy to read yours as well :)) It's one way of knowing you.

  11. Wow what a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing!! What a wonderful time of year to reflect on ourselves, our futures, our experiences, our goals for the future and most importantly, taking time to recognize what we are most grateful for! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I am now following you! #237! Can't wait to read more!



    1. Awe.. thaNk you dear. :) There's so much to be thankful for :)

  12. Thank you for tagging me Rica ;)


  13. What a beautiful post:-) I am thankful for my family, my daughters, my job, health and every single person in my life that either brings me love or challenging times. YOU are such a sweet human being and your baby is adorable. God bless you both and my this New Year brings you lots of love, health and peace and also everything your heart desires. XOXO, Jeannette

    1. Awe.. thank you so much Jeannette :) Your sweet words means a lot. Have a great year ahead , :) God Bless you and your Family! :)

  14. ^_^ You're a blessed woman sissy! :D
    And thank you for being a blessing to us as well ^_^

    ILY | Jong :)


  15. Thanks for listing me and my blog! I have so very much to be thankful for--namely, my family. They are everything to me. :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  16. Great post! It's so nice to think about that stuff!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  17. So happy for your great year last 2014 sis! Cheers to an awesome 2015! :) Thanks for tagging me! I'll do this as soon as I can xoxo

    1. You're much welcome Gen-zel dear! ) Cheers to that! Excited to read yours :)