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Last Friday, I was invited by one of my colleagues whom by the way, is very dear to me. She's  more than a friend, she's my best-friend and my elder sister as well. She invited me over to try this eat all you can restaurant here in Cebu, along with my buddies as well, as her advanced birth day gift. This is an eat and drink all  you can restaurant that focuses on sushi and smokeless grill. It's a Japanese and Asian fusion dishes. It's located in the new Capitol Square, along Escario St. 

Since we weren't able to book a reservation, we went there a little early as walk-in customers. When we arrived at 5:25 p.m, there were people already waiting outside. Most of them had booked their reservations, and some of us have to patiently wait. I think we waited for 40 minutes, hungry and thirsty already since we haven't eaten anything during snacks as we prepared our tummy for this scrumptious meal experience. Finally, when we went inside, the friendly staff had approached us and guide us to our table. 
The best thing about this restaurant is that they have this birthday promo, if it's your birthday and you're in a group of at least four, you won't pay anything because it's your day. Awesome right? If you happen to dine in, seven days before or 7 days after your birthday it will still be okay as long as it's within the period. Since my birthday is on the 27th which is today, we were able to avail the said promo. You only need to present any i.d that will show your birth date.
Moving on, since we're starving already, we headed to the buffet table and I was totally amazed. There were lot of options to choose from, I took a photo of almost everything I guess, because I know I won't be able to eat everything. 

 If you love Japanese food, I'll guarantee you that you'll enjoy it here. I'm not really into sushi, but I love eating California Maki.

 To satisfy my cravings for sea foods, and to complete our Yakimix experience, we tried their smokeless grill. My bestfriend was the one who picked what to grill, most of them are her fave. 

That's my pick, since I really love maki! I think I've tried at least 7 kind of maki. All of them are yummy! :)
 This restaurant is not just for adults but surely kids will love it here! They will enjoy this yummy candy buffet! Even I, enjoyed this yummy treat.

 Their chocolate fountain is really tempting, I can't let it pass, I have to savor this moment and so I splurged!

They have prepared this one for me together with their sing and dance number in a birthday tune. 

Overall, Yakimix is highly recommended but make sure to book a reservation 2 days ahead. 
It’s a must try eat-all-you-can restaurant, which seems to be making a trend here in Cebu. They also serve lunch for PHP 499.00 from Monday-Friday and PHP 599.99 for dinner. For Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, it’s PHP 599.00 for both lunch and dinner. If you have kids and your planning to bring them as well, there's a discount for younger children.  For 3 ft below it's absolutely free and 4 ft below is  PHP299.00.

Considering the price, you get a lot of options and unlimited drinks as well, so eating at Yakimix is a pretty good deal. If you have a friend or a relative who will be having  a birthday, I suggest you must experience Yakimix. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday Rica, I am glad you had such a wonderful time with your friends... I hope today is extra special for you xox

  2. Waaaah as in???? Sayanga oi pag June ra akong birthday! Haha! Until when ilang promo Rica? Been wanting to try Yakimix for a while na!


    1. Yes Jan, i think their promo will last long.. ^_^ you should try it, malipong jd ka sa kadaghan sa choices ^_^ hehe

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. wow ka nice daghan choices and I also love the last part where you said na the kids will love it here because nay sweets, well I'm no longer a kid but I really dig in for the sweets! yey I should Visit that place soon :)

    1. yes Hoven, makalibog jud :) haha, same here! though not covered pa gani tanan, I forgot to take a photo of their heavenly desserts :)

  4. If I were presented with a chocolate fountain treat, I'll surely indulge too Rica. Haha!

  5. This is my new Jap resto! Yehey they have desserts too!

  6. I haven't tried Yakimix yet! Perhaps we could eat out on my partner's birthday this January and avail of the promo.

  7. I have tried lunch and dinner sa yakimix and lami jud sha, dili ka ma pul-an ...well so far hehehe