Tacloban City is Where I found my Chew Love

by - 11 January

Perfect work of art, cute place, lovely interior, beautiful ambiance and great food are the words that describes this cute cafe that I found in Tacloban City. After the devastation that happens last 2013, who would have thought that this beautiful cafe will rise and will add color that tells the people how they were able to stand again after that tragic incident. Last 26th of December I get to visit Tacloban again and someone brought us here.
We arrived in the place at 10:00 in the morning but the store opens usually at 11:00, since we are in a hurry because we have a flight back in Cebu at 12:10 noon we asked the owner if they can possibly cater us and with so much delight, the owner let us in and accommodates us.
 Look at how cute the overall design! No doubt, this place is LOVE! I took the chance and tour around the place. 

They also have the famous love locks in Paris.

Look at this Christmas Tree! awe.. full of Love indeed. 

Since their available food during that time is their famous KIM YAM PAO and their very delicious GOLD DIGGER, which we called  halo-halo here in the Philippines. I'm giving them 2 thumbs up for the food. Aside from the cute names they have for all of their menus, their food is a MUST TRY! The best halo-halo I ever tasted! The ice was so refined and creamy like everything I tasted was an ice cream. With it's vibrant ambiance and lovely European inspired theme, I must say that this place is A MUST VISIT in Tacloban. Overall, if I'm going to rate it from 1-10, I'm giving them my perfect 10! Yes, and because of this cute cafe I now have a dream of having my very own in the near future. I already have a great concept on my mind which I'm really praying that will came true in the future. 

If you're in Tacloban City, I really encouraged you to drop by at Chew Love that is located in P. Gomez Street, Tacloban City. They operate from Monday to Saturdays, from 11am-8:30 pm. Visit Chewlove Tacloban Facebook Page for more info. 

Thanks again to the lovely owner Coke Young-Go  for letting us in, even we came earlier than the opening time schedule. I will surely visit the place again next time, where I have plenty of time to enjoy the food and the ambiance and probably I will be accompanied by my one "True Love" for real. :)

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  1. Rica, this is a really cute store, I hope you can get your own store up soon... I'm sure it will be cute too xox

    1. awe, thanks Launna.. Yes, I'm crossing my fingers..

  2. WOW! I do really love this style of pictures! I also love painting but I never try like this! Maybe I could have a try! :P

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  3. What a lovely place for dating! Hahahahaha..........
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  4. Ka nice jud sa place te oi! I really love all the details! how i wish i can visit this place.... and a perfect 10 for a perfect place!! :) Good job in taking these lovely picx and thumbs up for a very good place review...!

    Makig sosyo lang ko nimo sa Cafe business te cuz Im also planning of having one.. two heads are better than one. What do you say? haha lol :)