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A great escape from all the hustle, stress and traffic in the City. When there's a certain point that we wanted to relax and to just be a kid again wherein all we do, is play. This place is perfect! Sky Ranch is a leisure park in the renowned City of Tagaytay with so many rides and attractions. Actually this place is perfect for kids and for kids at heart. Last January, I was able to visit the place but the sad fact is that I wasn't able to experience the rides because of time constraint. I was actually there for work and can't hardly find enough time to enjoy. All we can do is to take photos of the place and to enjoy the amazing view they have.
They actually have 22 amazing rides and the breath-taking view of Taal Volcano and Taal lake. 

 The view of TAAL Volcano and TAAL Lake

I hope I can go back there with my daughter, I'm sure my daughter will enjoy all the facilities they have. I would love to try the horse back riding and their zip line too. 

For the rates and information on how to go there you can visit their site HERE.

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  1. waaaahhhhh!!! Tagaytay is a part of my Bucket List and makasuya naka-adto naka!! heheheee.... hopefully maka-adto ko maybe next year? or who knows this year? I'll really go to this Ranch place! Plus I enjoy going to rides pa jud so going here is like necessary. lol! Anyway, love the pics te great angle shots!! :D :D

    will keep this in mind and modify my bucket list then.. hehee


    Summerglee |

    1. Haha, don't be because I wasn't able to enjoy the place! Let's plan a trip next time and let's visit Tagaytay :)

  2. I live in Cavite and Tagaytay is just a couple of rides away from my place but I haven’t got the chance to visit Sky Ranch. Huhu. They also have promo rates that cost 350-400/person for a ride-all- you-can adventure. I’m pretty sure your daughter will love it there. For the food, I think Leslie’s one of the best in Tagaytay.

    All the love, Auradelle

    1. Oh wow! I really think I should plan the trip now and should avail the promo. Will take note of that, will go to Leslie's to try their food. :) thanks for dropping by Auradelle :)