Lazada Sale 2017: Unboxing and Product Review

by - 14 November

Online shoppers went crazy over the 11.11.2017 Online Revolution Sale of Lazada and I'm one of them. I was actually waiting for it, since last year I was able to purchase an affordable action camera during that time. It's actually all over my news feed last week and some of my blogger friends have attended an event prior to the date of the sale.

I would like to clarify first that this post isn't paid, this is my actual experience shopping at Lazada. I'll be sharing again my online experience with lazada and will do an honest product review of the items.  Contrary to a lot of reviews I've read online, so far, I didn't have any issues with my orders. I think I have been ordering so many times already and so far, I love how they were able to deliver the items really fast. I received my order yesterday, November 13, 2017 and I purchased it last Friday, November 10, 2017. I was actually expecting that the items will be delivered on Wednesday but to my surprise, Lazada Express emailed and texted me early in the morning yesterday that they are going to deliver my orders. I get really excited with it since I'm really looking forward to use them and share them here on my blog. 
There were three different deliveries under my name but I wasn't able to take a photo of the chocolate fondue pot because I gave it to my love for our small biz which I will blog soon. Anyways, the boxes were packed safely with the bubble wraps and was properly sealed. 

Since I was really dreaming of having my own vanity area with the famous vanity mirror, the one with so many LED lights on, I then hurriedly add this LED Mirror on the cart when I saw this on sale. It's a portable mirror which I can carry with me whenever I have a certain event to attend and will do my makeup anywhere or if I have some clients who wanted to be beautify then this one is really useful. 

I love how clean the packaging is. There are 2 pieces inside the box, its standee and the body of the mirror which you will assemble. What's even better is that it's battery operated, so I can just carry it around, anywhere with me. As you can see in the photo, right lower corner, the one with the sky-blue arrow, those were the battery compartments. You have to use 2 double A battery in each compartments, so you have to use a total of 4 double A batteries to make it work. The main switch was also located at the back which you can turn off to save the life of your batteries. 
In front of the mirror you'll see that there's a front switch button which is really amazing because it's a touchscreen button. You'll see eight LED lights on both right and left corner of the mirror, that gives you a total of sixteen LED lights that will make you see yourself clearer when you're doing your makeup. You can actually adjust the brightness of the lights, just long press the touch button. Oh, before I forgot, there's just one tiny thing that caught my attention, there's a little scratch on the mirror, at the right side near the LED lights but other than that I think it's worth buying for. 
I'm really loving this one, the price? Oh boy, it's really cheap. I bought it for only Php 383.00 which is really affordable. 

Because I purchase an LED vanity mirror, I also have to buy some cosmetic organizers to complete my vanity area. This one really is a good deal, an acrylic cosmetic organizer that is on buy one take one promo. 
This acrylic cosmetic & jewelry organizer has three drawers. As you can see there were black felt cloth in each drawer to serve as protection from scratches. You can either put your compact powder, makeup like eye palette or your blushers and also your jewelries. It comes along with 12 lipstick holder, a little space for anything, there's a blush holder with a divider where you can put your brow/eyeliners as well.  

The product is okay, I love that I can store few of my kikay stuff in it. What I hate is that when I pull the drawers together, if it's open wide, the other one will fall. So I have to be extra careful when pulling them, and just pull one at a time. Overall, I'm still happy, very happy with it. And hey! it's buy one take one for only Php 683.00. Good deal right? 

Now, I already have a small vanity area on my room, just for the mean time but still looking forward to finally have that drawers, big vanity mirror with LED lights, a table that I can use for my blog. I'm actually looking forward for it. As for now, I'm just really happy with my Lazada purchased. I'm still waiting for 2 more deliveries from them, but since it's from an international seller, I guess I have to wait a little. 

Again, I know that some of you have issues with Lazada, and I guess sometimes it depends on the seller. I'm giving them 4 stars this time. Thank You Lazada for the express delivery! 

How about you? Did you shop during the Online Revolution Sale? Tell me your experience on the comment below. If you haven't experience it yet, wait for  the 12.12.17 Online Revolution Sale. 

Thank You for reading Sassies!

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