Welcome Home, La Germania welcome chefs and cooks from Cebu

by - 08 October

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Home cooks and chefs from Cebu were in for a treat as La Germania brought in its first-ever roadshow to the city. The premier cooking range brand opened a one-of-a-kind cooking and homemaking expo dubbed Welcome Home at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium last October 6-7, 2018. Not your typical show, the Welcome Home mobile exhibit featured the wide range of La Germania products and allowed both home cooks and chefs to get a glimpse and feel of what an efficient kitchen range could do for a household.

A full showcase for everyone
To kick-off the mobile exhibit, brand representatives and advocates started the affair with a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the official opening of the Pop-up Gallery. After which, guests and La Germania followers were regaled with various workshops and demos.

Visitors also enjoyed whiling away the time at the La Germania gallery where they handled and inspected various La Germania products on display. The showcase provided an excellent opportunity for visitors to experience first-hand the fine quality of these tools.  

Cooking: An experience in itself
Filipinos have always been known to have a fondness for excellent food – especially when it comes to home cooking. With this in mind, La Germania hosted a fun and interactive cooking demo led by celebrity chefs Rolando (Chef Lau) and Jackie Laudico. The demonstration themed “the art of cooking beautifully” taught Welcome Home participants how to create sumptuous meals that the whole family would love La Germania style.

Chef Lau conducted a one-of-a-kind blind cooking demo where he whipped up gourmet dishes on the fly using popular Cebuano delicacies like dried and ripe mangoes, dried danggit, Cebu lechon, Chorizo de Cebu, and Suka sa Lubi (native coconut vinegar). True to form, Chef Lau expertly demonstrated that completely different delicacies and food products like dried fruits and viands can be creatively cooked together into sophisticatedly flavored meals. These dishes, coupled with the superior performance of La Germania stoves and ovens, definitely inspired both professional and home cooks to stretch their imagination and flavor palates in the kitchen.

Moms and their children aged six to 12 on the other hand, enjoyed a cupcake baking and decorating workshop facilitated by Chef Jac, the Executive Chef of Patisserie Filipino which is popular for its mouthwatering cakes, pastries and luxurious chocolates. Welcome Home participants, particularly kids, were also taught baking and cupcake decorating techniques, as well as the hard and fast rules on how to properly use an oven. They also took home their baked masterpieces.

Heartwarming home crafts
In addition to the cooking and baking demos, three other workshops were offered to participants. These included a yoga class where participants learned its essential forms and basic priniciples from Blanne Acosta of YogaHub Cebu. Guests also learned how to create simple yet nutritious meals for the entire family from registered nutritionist-dietitian Justinne Go.

After brushing up on healthy meal planning and cooking, attendees discovered the beauty of basic brush pen calligraphy from Charmaine Pia Tan which they could apply to various craft projects.

There are dozens of ways you can make your hearth and home welcoming. Through La Germania’s Welcome Home mobile exhibit, you and your family members can find out how you can make your household warmer, more delightful and inviting. Follow La Germania on Facebook @LaGermaniaPh and discover why its Italian heritage is loved in Filipino homes.


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