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by - 06 December

What did you do to raise such happy and bubbly kid!? The most common question I always encountered. Being a single mom isn't easy, it is a work in progress. I know I can't fulfill a father's love but I double a mother's love instead.

Having Kendra in my life is the most precious blessing that God had given me. She is the reason why I strived hard to be the best version of myself. That's the reason why as much as possible I wanted to make her happy and smile all the time. 

Let me share a little secret, my daughter isn't hard to please. She's a bubbly little girl and thanks to my parents and siblings who helped me in raising her up. That's why everytime I wanted to make her happy I just spend some quality time with her, either at the mall, or at a park, even just at home watching movies, eating together, brushing our teeth together, sleeping together, or anywhere as long as we're together, that what makes her happy.

 I know I am not always at home because of work, that's why spending some quality time with her is all that matters to her. It's not just a thing, it is those happy and precious moments together that will surely make any kid to smile and be happy. 

How about you? What are the things you do to make your child the happiest kid on earth?

Let me know on the comments below and if you're a blogger like me, feel free to share your story and submit your blog entry. For full mechanics click here.

For a happy vibe make sure to watch this video too!

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  1. An independent and strong woman that is what you are. You are both beautiful and wonderful. Continue to inspire other moms with your blogs. God bless both your journeys. Merry Christmas ��