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I have been wanting to experience the place ever since. It was posted on facebook and instagram last year and people were very excited about it. Being a pink lover, I cannot contain my happiness and excitement when it finally opens last December 2018. I told myself that I will experience this Happy Beach soon but I've heard it's quite pricey. So i did a research on instagram and I saw beautiful photos with a very colorful background. Since it's quite pricey I thoroughly think about going or not. Since everything happens for a reason, I now have a reason to spend a little for a very special day.
I have been thinking on what to give to my loving partner for her birthday and since I wanted to explore the place I booked a day pass ticket and rented a day bed near the pool. The day pass ticket is Php 699/weekday Php849/weekend  for online booking. For walk-ins there's an additional payment of Php100.00 on a weekday and Php50.00 on a weekend. On top of our day pass ticket we have reserved a Happy Jungle Day Bed worth Php1,500.00. You can actually pick which bed would you prefer at their reception area and I chose the one that is near the pool area. A Day Bed comes with 2-4 free towels and some snacks. Now, I just want to let you know that the snacks isn't satisfying at all. If I were to say, the 1,500.00 for the Day bed isn't worth it. I actually grab the day bed because of the free snacks since it's a great deal but it turns out that the food isn't great. It looks good on the photos, I only ate the chips and enjoyed the juices but the clubhouse sandwich isn't appealing. We just had a bite that's it. Maybe next time I'll just pick the Pink Day Cabana so we can relax more because it's actually a little hot on the Day Bed.

The happy beach day pass ticket includes a whole day access to their Pink Bali Lounge, Pink Pool, Mactan Beach, Floating Zoo & Animal Cabanas the water babies show and their Dancing fire Show. If you wanted to try their Inflatable Island, you need to pay another Php299.00 for a half day play and Php 399.00 for a whole day play. If you'd like to avail of their pink day cabana, you need to pay Php3,500.00 which includes a pink private room, your own bathroom, air-conditioned room, television, pink pool access and a wifi. For overnight stay, their online rate is Php5,999.00 per night good for 2 plus one child (12 years old below).

If I were to say, the place is really perfect for your instagram feed. I wasn't able to experience their restaurant since we were at the Day Bed and what disappoint me is that if you'll order something on the restaurant, like a platter of fruits you can't actually bring it on your day bed. The one at the pool bar that uses plastic cups for the juices and shakes are the only one that is allowed to be delivered on your day bed which is really sad because as we all know there were millions of plastic that is being used already and found on oceans that kills mammals and other sea creatures. I don't know why they discourage the use of breakable items like glasses on that area, maybe for pre-cautionary measures.

I actually went inside their restaurant and it was lovely, I love the interior which I wasn't able to take photo (sad life!). Anyways, maybe one day I can go back and try the food in their resto not the food/snacks at the pool bar.

Oh, I have witnessed the afternoon show as well. The waterbabies show which you can watch on my ig tv : Sassy_Cebuana . I think it will be more lovely if the dancers are synchronize and properly executed the dance steps, I'm sorry I can't help but to notice that one being a dancer myself. So, I wish they can improve on their entertainers.  Overall, I love the concept, I just wish they can change their rules to using plastic cups. For more information about their rates just go directly to their website: Happy Beach Cebu

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  1. Woow! Great experience dear!

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