Behind a successful woman is a Fabulous Bag

by - 06 June

I couldn't come up with a perfect title for this blog post and I came along with this quote I found online. I hope you wouldn't mind though. As you all know bags play an important role in every outfit we wear. It's one thing to consider in perfecting your ootd's. It's an important accessory that every woman considers. I have already mentioned about this online shop that sells unique styles of hand bags and come up with a wish list. 
Clear Bags & Jelly Bags

These are some of the designs that I'd love to have. It may be a see through bag but it is quite stylish that will probably want you to purchase one of your own. It's quite unique and stylish right?

These babies are simply exquisite! It's a combination of beautiful and elegant. Imagining wearing them with such classy outfit made me feel excited and happy already. How I wish I'd have these on my closet. 

I always struggle finding the perfect clutch bag whenever I have a special occasion to attend to. May it be weddings or Debuts. Seeing these beautiful evening clutches makes me wonder which dress will  match perfectly with one of these. I can't tell but I'm really looking forward to have these babies one day. I can't just choose one since they have plenty of designs which you can choose from. Head over at Baginning to know exactly what I'm referring to. Always remember that you can't buy happiness but you can definitely buy bags and that's kind of the same thing! Have a lovely day!

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