Amazing Adventure in Camiguin

by - 18 October

"Sharing adventure means enjoying them 100% more", thus I was really happy and grateful that I'd get to be with my buddies while exploring a new place that has been sitting on my bucket list for quite some time now. I have been looking forward to finally explore a new adventure with them and it finally happened last September 21, 2019. We spent 2 nights and 3 days in one of the magical island in the Philippines.
Make sure to add this to your bucket list because Camiguin will wow you with their beautiful beaches, hot & cold springs and their beautiful waterfalls!

We had booked a place to stay for our 2 nights 3 days adventure in Camiguin. Thanks that we found a good deal at agoda and have placed our reservation in Lanzones Cabana. It's good for a travelling group, the room is just a small room with bunkbeds but who cares anyways as long as we can sleep if we wanted to rest. The room is good for 8 people and we have paid a total of Php5,000.00 for our 2 nights stay.
Our flight was moved instead of an early flight it was moved at 9:45 and we have arrived their noon time already. There were motorella's (tricycle) outside the airport, one of the transportation means in Camiguin. We have rode one and went to Northern Lights Restaurant which is just a walk away from Lanzones Cabana. 

The food was great! Their pizza is a must! 

After our lunch we head on to Lanzones Cabana and had a quick changed then contacted the driver of the motorella and rented him for our first day tour. Our first stop was at the sunken cemetery, where we can buy souvenirs like ref magnets or key chains at a very affordable price.
After our sunken cemetery trip we went to the old Guiob church ruins that is located in Brgy. Bonbon, Catarman, Camiguin Island, Philippines. 
Outside the old church is best to buy Lanzones fruit at a very cheap price. 
Before we headed to our last stop for the day which is their famous Katigbawasan Falls, we stopped over Tungatok Cliff wherein you can actually enjoy a scenic view. 

Perfect view right? We finally head on to our last destination of the day. Heading to Katigbawasan Falls. 
Beautiful scenery going there.

Hello Katigbawasan Falls! The water was really cold and it's perfect for a humid weather here in the Philippines. I really had fun and have enjoyed the water since it was one of the many things I looked forward in this adventure. I rarely visit waterfalls in Cebu since it's a little far from where I live. Our first day ended happily and we look forward for our second day. We went to a nearby restaurant for our dinner and slept early since we have to wake up early for our 2nd day escapade.

On the second day we went to Mantigue Island and rented a boat. 
The island has  a forest trail and a friendly tour guide will cheerfully tour you inside the forest trail. Where in you'll know the definition behind the word "MANTIGUE". 
There were actually plenty of activity that you can explore on the island. We were actually planning to ride a glass boat but unfortunately the glass boat wasn't available. So we just enjoyed the forest trail and had fun in the beach. 
After our mantigue adventure, we headed back and ate lunch. 
After lunch we headed to Sto. Niño Cold Spring. I only have a few photos there since the place was really crowded plus it's Sunday. The water was really cold no joke. 
After Sto. Niño cold spring we went to soda cold spring wherein you can actually drink the water but only my friend Jez and her husband went inside since it's packed as well and it's just the same with sto. Niño cold spring. So we headed to Tuasan Falls, one of the many falls in Camiguin that will amaze you with its beauty. Along the way we stopped over for a photo op wherein the famous tres marias (the three mountain) is perfect for a background photo.
Look at the tres marias mountain in the photo. :)
Hello Tuasan Falls!

What a magical view. You have to take note that whenever you wanted to visit Camiguin please do explore every waterfalls and it will give you a journey that you will never forget. By the way, the entrance fee for each destination was only Php50.00. 

Our last destination for our second day was the ardent hot spring which is not hot when we went there. I won't recommend the place really. I can smell something on the water and it was like everybody had peed on the water. It was really gross. Overall, we did enjoy our second day. A tip to remember though, the cold springs isn't worth visiting including the hot spring since you'll enjoy more at Tuasan Falls and Mantigue Island. 

On our last day, since we wanted to make the most out of our adventure we woke up early and we headed to one of the famous destination in Camiguin. Their sand bar, Camiguin White Island Beach. It was really beautiful. We were the first batch who went to the island and it's perfect since we can take as much photos as we want without having to worry that you might have a photo bomber on your instagrammable photos.

Crystal clear water, white sand and beautiful mountain as background makes me want to go back already. How I wish I'd get to explore places like this every month. Anyways, thank you for dropping by on my blog and by the way, I would like to comment on our airport experience in Camiguin wherein the staff at Cebu Pacific Airport is extremely rude. So please if you're traveling there make sure to add a baggage allowance so that you won't encounter the same staff we had encounter who will let you bring only 2 bags even if it's a small bag like sling they won't consider it for hand carry if the bags you were carrying is more than 2. If you're planning to buy lanzones there, pls do add a baggage allowance upon booking. 

 To know more about our adventure in Camiguin and some tips and Itinerary check this vlog below. 

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