Make Brush Time A Hapee Time!

by - 30 November

As a single mom, I hardly managed to balance my time between work and being a mom to my daughter. That's why as much as possible I tried really hard to make every moment counts. Waking up everyday trying to managed my schedule, I can simply squeezed in moments as simple but as happy as this.
Kids can be a little lazy when you asked them to do things like brushing their teeth but I'm glad that with the new Hapee kiddie toothpaste, my daughter gets to enjoy brushing her teeth with me. I think it has something to do with its flavor and the Disney characters in its packaging. Her favorite was the tutti frutti twist. The one with mickey mouse and goofy. 
There's a wide variety of kid-citing flavors to choose from that will surely make our children look forward to brushing their teeth. They can pick their own flavors from juicy grapes, strawberry bloom, orange squeeze, apple crunch & cookies and cream ahoy. We wouldn't have to worry because Hapee Kiddie toothpaste has a new improved anti-cavity protection with a right amount of fluoride so we can say bye-bye to tooth decay the fun way!
 Let your kids learn that brushing teeth is really important and let them have fun.
 I will always make sure that my daughter gets to bond with me in this simple way and I will make sure that all her brush time is a Hapee Time!
Thank you to my Hapee Kiddie family for sending us this 1 yr supply of toothpaste. My daughter will surely enjoy every brush time with Hapee kiddie toothpaste.


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