by - 15 January

I have been looking for educational toys for recreational activity that I can share with my daughter. I bought so many toys already like cooking set, dolls, play dough and so on and so forth. Still, my daughter can't avoid playing with her phone all day long. I am worried already since her screen time was way over her limit already. I can't even control her specially when I have an 8-5 work. So I was thinking of letting her play something that will challenge her and will make her smart at the same time.

And so I was introduce with website. It is an emerging technology enterprise founded in 2014 by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, the speed cubing pioneer in China. Basically, it's an online store that sells Rubik's Cube. As you can see, they have different designs that seems to be fun to play with. The photo shown above was the items their best-seller. I think I have played the basic one, but I can't even fix it all. I guess I wasn't just smart at all because I wasn't trained when I was young. That's why I wanted to let my daughter try this one out. I have a friend who have a very smart kid and was competing for Rubik's Cube Championship and even won. As the saying goes, start them young. 

Aside from Rubik Cubes, they also sell different merchandise such as the photo shown above. They are perfect for any kids who love playing Rubik Cubes. If you also want your kid to start playing this game you should check their gan 356i. I would love to play something like this with my daughter and let's see if she will be game enough for the challenge. What do you think? Oh, you can click "Contact Us" for more details about the product and if you have any questions feel free to ask. 

Have a nice day ahead!

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