by - 19 January

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the World. One of the most important factor to consider when pulling out an ensemble is "what shoes to wear?". It can actually make or break your entire look. Whether Casual look, corporate look or party look. It depends on the occasion and how you'd prefer your style to be.
Today, I will be sharing an online shoe store that you might want to check. From wedding shoes to work shoes, it depends on what you wanted to have on your closet. Let me start with their wedding shoes since I will be preparing for my best friend's big day this year. 

These are my top three picks which I think my best friend would love to wear on her wedding day. She wanted it elegant yet simple that's why I pick these three. What do you think? They have plenty of designs to choose from just click wedding shoes for more designs. 
These court heels is perfect for your job interviews, corporate ensemble and if you wanted to dress up and to intimidate someone. I love how heels like this can make your corporate look more fierce and sexy. Imagine wearing them on top of your office attire. Those were my top three picks and if you wanted to check other designs just click court heels
For more edgy look you can opt with these leopard design stilettos. More fiercer than plain coloured heels right? I've see several hot and sexy ensembles at look book with these pair of shoes. I'm already excited for the weekend since I wanted to pull out different ensembles and vlog about it. 

That's if for today, I hope you can check out their website Up2Step for more designs. They also have stylish flat shoes if you're not comfortable with wearing heels. Always remember that good shoes takes you to good places!  Thank you for dropping by! 

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