The White Mansion | First 2D Cafe in Cebu

by - 27 February

 It's been a while since I last posted about my cafe experience here on the blog. So,  today I will be featuring this new cafe in Cebu that's been trending on social media because of the unique theme and it was also inspired by the famous 2d Cafe in South Korea that has been featured in "To all the Guys I've loved Before 3". 

The White Mansion theme was inspired by the 18th Century. It gives you an elegant vibe because of its 2D art design. Every corner is surely instagrammable. It is located at Mactan,  Lapu-lapu City that is a little far from the center of Cebu. It is located after Mactan Elementary School before you turn right,  on the way to Mactan Newtown. 
When you get inside you'll see the counter where the menu is located. Since it's new,  they only have few menu to choose from. I was actually looking for some coffee but unfortunately the coffee machine was broken so we just opted with the milktea series. Here's the menu incase you wanted to know what to expect and what to order. 

For the milktea,  they have cheese cake/cream cheese series and the simple classic series. 
Cheesecake/Cream Cheese  Series

Cookies & Cream
Red Velvet
Winter Melon

Classic Series
Black Sugar
Pearl Milktea

They also have hot & cold tea.

For the pastries they have rainbow cake,  carrot cake, blue berry cheescake and choco mustard Cake. 

We ordered the red velvet creamcheese,  blacksugar milktea and a slice of their choco mustard cake. 

I was really hoping that they can add something on their menu like pasta, or bread since milktea is already sweet and it's not good to pair it up with sweets. Cakes are better with coffee,  just my two cent though. 

This one here is my favorite spot. I love the library illustration that gives me that korean drama feels,  plus my outfit really goes well with the wall (outfit was inspired by my favorite korean actor Park Seo Joon). 

I make the most out of it since there's no customer when we arrived. You should too,  after all,  this is what we came for. 

Overall,  the cafe is really instagramable. If you'll go there for the gram,  sure it pays off the effort of going there especially when it's far from Cebu City. But,  if you want to experience just the milktea and the food,  you can actually buy something similar on the mall. Though,  I'd wish that they will add something on their menu that will satisfy their customers well.  Since the place is huge and can accomodate a group might as well make the most out of it. For the food & the milktea experience I'm giving it 7/10 and for the place 10/10 😉. This is a new concept so it sure is worth it! 

The White Mansion opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at 9:00 p.m. for more information you can message them at their Facebook or their Instagram.

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