by - 02 March

 Cebu, Philippines has a lot to offer already when it comes to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, nature and now we have new cafe's or restaurant's that is worth visiting for. One of which is this new Japanese restaurant that is located on the upper town of Cebu City. You can absolutely enjoy the view while having your lunch or dinner, and even your snacks!  Liel's Kitchen by Serenity Farm is located within the compound of Serenity Farm and Resort. It's a 25 minutes drive away from the City. It has an overlooking view that you can truly appreciate nature at its finest. 

Last Friday, my beloved partner brought me to experience Liel's as they just recently opened. In case you wanted to experience Liel's too, here are the things you need to know about this restaurant. 

First, they will asked you for an entrance fee of 100 pesos per head but it's consumable and will be deducted on your bill. I actually love the idea since you will really experience the restaurant itself and not just the view. Don't worry, they have delicious food, that I can assure you. We ordered california maki, Tori Teriyaki Don and Ebi Tempura. I was actually looking forward to try their gyoza but it's not available. 

Here's a menu to guide you through:

I actually hope they will add something on their menu especially on the drinks. For the payment method, I think it's important for you to bring your cash since they won't be accepting credit cards for now but if you have gcash they can actually accept gcash through gcash send money not through scanning QR code. You still won't be able to use your Gcredit if you have.  Here are the photo diary of what the place looks like. 

I'm loving the sakura feels because of the pink flowers. 

The struggle is real! If you want to have your picture taken here, you need to remove your shoes and trust the net. 

This is located at the entrance, you can also see a mini playground for your kids. I can't wait to visit them again with my daughter next time. I have enjoyed dining and talking to my love about our work and our goals. Where to next? 

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