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Life being a single mom is never easy. I have to admit that raising my daughter alone is quite hard but I'm really trying my best to feed her, to give her shelter, education and most especially to give her the best in life. I am having a hard time balancing everything since my job requires me to spend overtime at work, sometimes it gives me this guilty feeling.
Whenever I came home, she's already asleep and the moment she wakes up, she's always showing that sweet little smile and utter these words "why do you have to work day and night mom?" and it always leaves me speechless. All I can tell her is that I needed to do that for her, to give her milk and to send her to school. That's why when I was invited to Sun Life's #Livebrighter forum last Wednesday, October 18, 2017, I immediately said yes. 

I was amazed during the event as the room was full pack. I thought I was late but to my surprise I was 10 minutes earlier. In spite of the heavy rain, a lot of people still attended the said event. Through that, I have my conclusion that a lot of us wanted to live a brighter life, who wouldn't be?

Just to give you a brief background about Sun Life, they have started around 1865 and was able to survive two world wars already, imagine that? And they're one of the oldest and largest insurance company in the world. They've been the top insurance company for six (6) years and have helped a lot of clients already in achieving financial security.

The forum had opened an opportunity to most of the attendees. An opportunity on how to live a brighter life. The speakers had educate most of the attendees on how to manage their finances better, teaches us what inflation is and most importantly opening our eyes to what is financial literacy. As what Allan Greenspan says "The number one problem in today's generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy". How to address the said issue? It's a matter of managing your finances better. How to do it? This is where a Financial Advisor comes in and Sun Life is inviting us all to become part of the team.

Be a Hero! Be one of the Financial Advisors!

This is Churchill Bejemino, one of the Sun Life Financial Advisor. He shared how his life had changed over the years and how he started at Sun Life. He's really funny, I can see how he's really shy but over the years he was able to learn on how to talk to a big crowd. It's just amazing how Sun Life change his life. I was amazed on how he give up his dream of becoming a Scientist and realized that being a Sun Life Advocate is worth giving up his dream. Or maybe he just really found his true passion through helping people know the value of money and manage their finances through financial planning.

A brighter life ahead of us is waiting if we'll consider on being one of the Sun Life's Financial Advisor. This is also what a financial advisor can give to their clients by managing their finances better.

These are some of the clients that testify how Sun Life helped them manage their finances.

Those were just some of the famous celebrities who were thankful on trusting their Financial Advisor. A result of a client satisfaction and loyalty that a Sun Life Financial Advisor have given them.

As I was listening, I must admit that they have my ear. This is exactly what I wanted to give to my daughter. A brighter life and a brighter future ahead. I'm considering to changing my career because of these perks.

Awesome right? These are the 5 Steps to #LiveBrighter as Sun Life Advisor

1. Join a #LiveBrighter Forum

2. Attend the interviews/take the POP(Personality Orientation Profile) Screen Test
3. Take the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission
4. Finish the Sun Life Training Course
5. Complete the Contracting and Coding process
For more details follow Sun Life Financial-Philippines at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or check out their website.

Overall, I have learned a lot during the forum and It's really up to us on how to live a brighter life. Our future relies on our hands and our child's future, to those who have kids already relies to our hands as well. So we better think wisely on how to live a brighter life. 

These are the Cebu Bloggers, I'm really glad I was able to meet you guys! You surely won't forget how Darna shouted just to get some loot bag as a prize. haha

Thank you ABCDigital for the invitation. This is the second time you invited me and I was beyond grateful! See you next event! 

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