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One of the things that makes me really happy and inspired right now is when love takes me to places that is really close to my heart or most likely to places that I would love to explore. We love exploring new places, especially cafe/coffee shops, so when I saw an advertisement on facebook about this Cafe, its color and concept really caught my attention (Hello kitty lover here) .
That's why love invited me over last Wednesday and we have visited  and experienced the cafe. So I'll be sharing and probably doing a review about our experience last October 25, 2017.

I actually saw this Salon last 17th of October, during our seminar that was held at Mineski Portal, at Banilad, Cebu City. I even wanted to take a photo but I have no one to ask a favor from.  They actually have their soft opening the day after our Seminar, that's why it's easier for us to go there since the place is already familiar. 

This is the menu of their cafe that is visible outside, and you can also see the pink staircase which will lead you to their hidden cafe.

When we went up, at the middle of the stairs, we already noticed that their air-condition wasn't functioning well. It was really hot! That was actually one of the things that bothers me a lot. The place looks perfect but because of the room temperature I was a little bit disappointed but I still love the cuteness of the place though.

I totally love the interior, to someone who loves hello kitty and a pink lover like me, you might want to visit the place. 

Their couch is really big and comfortable, Seeing hello kitty and pink everywhere really makes me happy.

 We have ordered strawberry & cookies n' cream frappes, a hello kitty cupcake and their heart-shaped mango float. Kindly refer to the menu for the prices.

Now It's time for my honest review and recommendations

Let's start for the price, well it's actually affordable for a tasty dessert. The taste, it's sweet and yum! If you have a sweet tooth you'll surely love it. The place seems perfect minus the temperature, and I do hope they can install another air-condition so it will be much more comfortable on our next visit, given that they're still at their soft opening period, I know that the place can improve a lot better. For their staff, I wish they can be more friendly, I wish to see them smiling especially during greetings. The location is accessible but the road going there is quite traffic, riding a motorcycle though will make it easier for you to reach there without being stuck in the traffic.

 For now, I'm giving them 3 out of 5 and I would love to visit the place again in the near future.

 Anyways, the place is actually cute and perfect for instagram & facebook feed. I've seen all the customers taking selfies, their food and the interior itself.

If you, your girlfriend or your sister or you know someone who happen to love pink and hello kitty then you must really visit the place given that you should wear something comfortable like sleeveless or shorts. And oh, I forgot, they have cute electric kitty fans as well that you can use.

Their salon is so adorable as well, and i would love to experience their service next time.. Look at how pink everyone is! 😊
Pink Kitty Dessert Cafe is located at 2nd floor of Pink Strawberry Spa and Salon that is located beside Mineski Portal at GQS Plaza, Gov. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City near UC Banilad and across Country Mall.

Visit their facebook  HERE.

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  1. I can see you had a swell... This place looks amazing.. i love your style of writing, you give your post a personalized touch which is great.

    Glowyshoes's blog

  2. I wanna visit here. Might do soon. :) Great review. Hopefully their aircondition is okay by that time.

    Joy to the World

    1. awe, thanks Veron. Yea, I really hope their a/c will be okay :)

  3. Wow! What a pink place! I might check this out some time but I feel that it's too girly for me hehehee