Top 5 Clothing Essentials for Outdoor Philippine Excursions

by - 27 October

Traveling to the Philippines isn’t always as easy as pack and go. The Philippines offers exotic locales with warmer temperatures and rugged terrain. It all depends on how adventurous you want to be. Roaming the cityscapes is adventure enough for some, but exploring the great Filipino outdoors is where the real excitement lies. Here are some apparel basics to pack when rain forests and rivers are the focus of your trip.

Perfect Shirts for Tropical Locales
For warm, humid climates like the Philippines, you’ll need short-sleeved shirts with the breathable qualities of quality cotton. Comfort is king when taking long walks on the beaches of Cebu City. Choose shirts that work well either tucked or untucked and fit the casual social style of Southwest Asian resort cities. Try these breezy tops from Orvis.

Pack Durable Dungarees
A pair of chinos is fine for Manila nightlife, but for exploring the active volcanos of Tagaytay you need to be prepared. Take jeans or durable cotton pants that resist tears while you hike and climb.

Packing for Cool Peaks
Counter to popular belief, not all the Philippines is a steamy jungle. For the truly adventurous, the city of Sagada offers a cool climate, so cool in fact that the locals can grow fruit like lemons. Jutting over 5000 feet above sea level, this town can reach brisk temperatures as low of 50 degrees at night. Take along a durable and comfortable jacket and maybe a sweater from Orvis to enjoy the cool evenings.

Footwear for Long Treks
When you hit the hiking trails of Canloan City, you will need rugged perfectly fitting hiking shoes. Trail ready footwear at Orvis offers shoes that hold up on hiking paths that are not travel worn. That means puddles and roots on hiking trails can make hiking a challenge. But to see the amazing waterfalls and hot springs of this city, it’s worth the effort.

Bags Built for International Travel
The most common mistake made by travelers on journeys to exotic foreign destinations is to take a everyday suitcase from the back of the closet. You will need a bag that holds up under less than gentle international baggage handlers. Also make sure your bag has multiple storage compartments to keep your gear organized so you don’t waste time digging around for your camera when you want to take that breath-taking rainbow shot.

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