by - 26 March

"How did you make your little girl wear this and that?", I get this a lot whenever I posted an ootd of my daughter on Instagram. How my daughter was such a natural whenever I ask her to pose for an ootd. Well, believe me, it wasn't really that easy but I'm just really thankful that she get to see what I do whenever I asked my sister to took a photo of me for my ootd as well.
My daughter's age is 3 and whenever people saw her posing for photo they already assumed that she's 5 years old already.  I think, I influenced her a lot and to be honest she's way better than her mom. Anyways, the secret in dressing up your child is to make it a fun activity between the both of you. I have some struggle moments as well. Whenever I'm picking up a certain dress for her and when she finds out that it's not something she wanted she will never cooperate. That's why whenever I'm trying to let her wear something I always told her that mommy will be wearing the same outfit so she's going to wear it as well. Whenever she refuses to wear the outfit I would love her to wear, I just told her something like "I'll give this outfit to your cousin" and then, she'll think about it then she'll wear it.
This is the easiest part for me, taking a photo of her on her #ootd's is easy peasy! It comes naturally, I'll just click the photo and automatically she just smile and pose. I'll just choreograph her poses whenever she's repeating all her pose but nevertheless she's already a pro, and I'm just a proud momma!

And always remember the most important part, always tell her things like you look really good with your outfit. Praise her for doing a good job on projecting in front of the camera, because your child will remember it and will feel great about it. I always do that and it always work! 

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