by - 26 July

We're already half way of the year and It's been raining hard the past few days. During this cold season it feels like Christmas is fast approaching already. Since it's getting cold already, I think we should start looking for a cute coat and a pretty top.
I have visited FashionMia, and I was able to find some cute Women's Outerwear that is perfect for cold weather.
If you'd go for a preppy look this cute collarless coat will be perfect either in the office or during a date. This abstract print long sleeve jacket will pull off a casual chic look and lastly this elegant yellow Lapel trench coat is perfect for a sexy glam look. It will be much better also to match this outerwear with these trendy tops
These trendy tops will surely make an outstanding ensembles with a coat, blazer or a jacket on top. You just have to mix and match your outfits and your good to go. You just have to own your style and be confident about it. Also, it's always comfort before style so pick wisely! How about you? Do you have your own style? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

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