Let's Travel to Bali Inspired Neri's Ville Selfie Corner

by - 22 November

I have been spending so much time on instagram lately and I've seen a lot of bloggers travelling around the world. Seeing my feed and hearing their stories inspires me to travel and explore.
Living in a tropical country like Philippines, one of the most visited countries across the globe, I felt very lucky and honored to actually experience our beloved Country. 
Philippines have 7,107 beautiful islands and lucky for me because I live in the queen City of the South, Cebu. Cebu has a lot of tourist spots that we are proud of. From beautiful beaches to enchanting waterfalls, but wait not just that, we also have beautiful mountains and lately, Cebu has a lot to offer already when it comes to tourist destinations. A place that is worth visiting and is perfect for your instagram feed.
Introducing, Neri's Ville Selfie Corner, the newest attraction and instagram worthy place, inspired by Bali, Indonesia. From what I've heard, the owner of this place is a flight attendant, she got this concept from Bali, Indonesia where she have travelled. The place is located at Brgy. Lusaran, Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu. Since we don't have any idea how to go there, we just used our google map to guide us but then, google map gave us a long route that took us about an hour and a half I guess before we finally reached our destination. But I am actually thankful because I was able to find a very beautiful spot that is worth my blog post and instagramable.
Beautiful location right? Just when we're about to reached our destination google map said to turn right and so we did but we got lost and took this opportunity to capture this beautiful view.
Among all the decors, this one is my favorite since it is located at the top where the beautiful landscape makes a good background. This one is Bali-feels.
The famous Hobbit House.

 I brought a tripod with me so I can have a picture perfect moment with my love who was really busy trying to capture great photos for my Instagram and blog.

If you want to visit the place make sure it falls on weekdays so you can take your time taking lovely photos because during weekend it's really crowded. Good thing it's only us when we visited the place since it falls on a weekday. 😊 Plan your visit now and enjoy taking your selfie for the gram. Enjoy!

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