Memoirs & Journey : Exploring Balamban, Cebu

by - 08 November

When was the last time you travel? Have you been busy to work and life lately? Well, I have been really busy being a mom and an employee who's striving so hard to earn for a living. That's why I make used of holidays and free time to wander around. And I'm just really so blessed and I'm so thankful to my significant other who brought me to places around Balamban to fully enjoy my free time and as well as to take plenty of photos for my blog. Thank you lovee for always being so supportive. :) So, here's what happened during our afternoon off last October 31st and sort of a post-birthday celebration. 

Lovee surprised me with a bouquet of sunflowers, since I am really into sunflowers lately and brought me to cafe dessart for a very delicious meal and took an ootd for me (A for effort lovee! :)). Our road trip begins after that. Our first stopp was at the new coffee shop, we stopped over for coffee but unfortunately they can't serve coffee that time because there's no electricity. We just ordered one cold drink, chocolate milk and took few photos at 21 kilometer coffee. It wasn't what I expected since it's just a really small area but I just hope they can serve coffee next time and will resolve the no electricity issue. After drinking the cold chocolate milk we drove off to our next destination.

 It was a 45 minutes drive away from the City and since these three tourist destinations are just in a neighboring place, we started exploring Buwakan ni Alejandra. Buwakan ni Alejandra is purely a garden full of flowers and has a great landscape that is really perfect for taking pictures and if you're like me who love flowers you will surely enjoy this garden full of beautiful flowers. Since I live in the City I barely see such beautiful garden with a very nice ambiance and a breezy weather. There's an environmental fee of Php 45.00/person. And you don't have to worry on where to start taking pictures because there's a tour guide who's willing to take photos for you and will even choreograph on those beautiful places to channel those beautiful flowers as your background.
We had fun roaming around with the tour guide and we gave him a little tip for his effort on making our trip memorable. Next stop just across buwakan ni Alejandra is the JVR Island in the Sky Resort. This place is famous because of their colorful hanging bridge that will surely gives you a wonderful experience upon crossing. When we arrived in the area, there were group of friends who were having fun crossing this bridge and they were laughing when one of their friend got so scared upon crossing the bridge. It reminds me during my teenage days. Right after the group of friends we immediately went to cross the bridge and take photos for my instagram. 
Aside from this hanging bridge, they also have a swimming pool which you can enjoy and oh you can also ride a cable car. The entrance alone for the bridge is Php50.00 we weren't able to explore more since we still have one destination to go, after taking photos and crossing the bridge we hurriedly drove off and went to  the famous Florentino's Tagaytay Vibes. It was actually famous over instagram because you can have a perfect view on sunset. I have quite a lot of photos but since the sun is setting already I just have few pictures chosen that was visible and clear since I only brought my huawei nova 3i phone to capture these precious moments. 
I really enjoyed this day, even if we just have a small amount of time spent  together but it was a memory that I will forever treasure. If you're wondering why my clothes aren't the same I changed clothes for instagram purposes but we went to different locations on the same day and the feeling is just a bliss! Thank you my love for always being supportive and hey, after this travel we have realized that it's really good to at least unwind and explore once in a while. So we thought of planning on our next adventure together, I really hope you'll stay tune! 

What about you? Do you have plans to go travel and wander?

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