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by - 11 January

Eleventh of January 2019, and I'm still beyond grateful of all the things I was blessed with last 2018. There were a lot of things happened, It was a mixture of everything but above all it was a great year. I don't want to remember the bad things happened but I want to remember all the good things in 2018. I was blessed to end the year with a grateful heart for I have passed the civil service exam which I took last October of 2018 plus my partner passed as well, couple goals unlocked! 
I am also thankful because I have traveled and explored a lot last year which leads me to love traveling even more. My daughter does really good at her school with good grades and she's now very determined to wake up early and to never missed her class which I'm really proud of. We have spent our Christmas as a whole family where we even get the chance to go to a photo studio for a family portrait. It was a happy celebration and indeed a splendid year. Now as we begin another chapter, I am looking forward for a great year ahead. It's time to write down all my plans and goals for this year. Are you ready? Oh, before I forgot, if you don't have a planner yet you can actually download a free planner on the link below. 
Let me start it with my blog since last year I wasn't really paying attention on my entries here. I guess most of my blog post were paid post and even though I have so much to blog about I didn't find some time to write it here. That's why this year I wanted to fill my starbucks journal and my cbtl planner to guide me on what to write here regularly. And oh, I just renewed my domain last year which I almost forgot but I was just really glad that I was able to renew it on time. I guess I will be sticking around with this blog name and domain forever. I hope you'll stick around and do leave a comment and your blog as well if you have so I can pay a visit and let's connect with each other. As for my social media, I'm planning to constantly post something on my instagram which is connected to my facebook page so everything that I'll be posting on instagram will be reflected on my facebook page

As part of my blogging journey I wanted to document my adventure this year and I will definitely blog about it this time. I want to practice my photography and editing skills as well. I hope you could drop by at my instagram account @sassy_cebuana and let me know what you think about the presets that I am currently using. Don't forget to drop your instagram handle so I can follow you as well.  I will be exploring and traveling this year but just locally here in Philippines and Cebu particularly. I'm planning to explore and travel outside the country this year and I'm planning to go to Hongkong. This will be my first international travel and I hope you could help me by dropping some comments below on where to go and what are the things I need to know. Thank you in advance.
I am also writing my plans for my love life as well. I am writing down all the things I wanted us to do and explore this year to strengthen our bond more. I know that we will be holding our hands through out this journey. Movie dates, coffee dates a surprise go out of town and just holding each others hand while walking at the beach front, candle lit dinner dates perhaps? haha.. And a lot more.
As for my little pumpkin, I wanted to spend more time with her and I am hoping I could travel with her this year. We did it last year by the way which I wasn't able to blog. I am looking forward to that moment again. More twinning outfits and photo-shoot with her this year.
I also wanted to connect with old friends this year which I have started already last 3rd of January. It was a nice feeling to finally talked to them after 11 years. Funny how our connection never changed after a decade, though there were some changes on what's happening in our lives and I'm glad that we have talked to meet each other again on a monthly basis. I also want to have time with my group of close friends/colleagues to have coffee once in a while and talk things, important things on what's happening on our lives and how we will be a help to one another may it be love problems or adulting problems. To my family I'm pretty sure we will be going out this summer since that's our yearly bonding moment and having fun at the beach. 
As for my health I wanted to eat healthy food as much as possible and I wanted do better on my job. I am hoping for a career promotion this year and I'll do my best to save. Now, I have so many things to write on my planner and journal and I know for sure that this year will be a great year ahead.  Greater than 2018! How about you? Do you have goals already? 

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all photos were from pixabay edited some of them though.

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