Cheska as Kendra's Buddy in Transitioning from Kid to Tween

by - 04 February

“Kids grow up so fast” is a classic quote to which we can all relate for how true it is. The awkward stage between childhood and adolescence or “pre-teen” also comes with its own set of behavior, desires, and needs. Chesca Kramer whose family, fondly called Team Kramer, is also the oral healthcare advocate for Hapee Buddy, shared about the challenges and delights of kid-to-tweenhood transition of her eldest daughter, Kendra who just celebrated her 9th birthday.

Her nostalgic mother recalled how Kendra was a loud baby.
She was called “Kendra Superstar” because “everywhere she went, she had everybody’s attention,” Chesca said. She rememberd how Kendra would “tap you and once she has your attention, she would give the prettiest and warmest smile.” This all gradually changed, however, when she became older. The once-bibo, kikay, and extroverted Kendra is now more reserved, simpler, and shy. “She doesn’t like wearing makeup and high heels anymore. She likes wearing rubber shoes now,” her mom admitted.

Having been blessed with three children, daughters Kendra and Scarlett (turning seven this year) and son Gavin (five years old), Chesca as a mother has seen firsthand how fast they are growing up. From cuddly and adorable babies, they are already young kids who are now studying! Kendra particularly has changed a lot from her kiddie years, including her oral care needs. Chesca remembered Kendra kept saying, “my tooth is already moving” the first time she was losing a milk tooth. The primary teeth, also known as their milk teeth, start falling off at the age of six and can last until 12, before being replaced by their permanent teeth. “As soon as their permanent teeth appear, it is best to take very good care of them,” Chesca shared. This transition must be matched with the shifting of toothpaste to one that has more fluoride and calcium to strengthen the enamel, the outer part of the teeth, and Vitamin C to promote healthy gums.

Despite the changes that come naturally in life, three things have remained consistent with Kendra throughout her childhood. First is how she has a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream and chocolates. Just like any other kids, Kendra loves her sweet treats. These sugary and sweet delights, however, can cause tooth decay that could even lead to tooth loss. “That is why as parents we must make sure to control our children’s sugar intake,” Chesca pointed out.

Secondly, even though Kendra has a sweet tooth, her oral health has never been affected and has always remained in tip top shape! Chesca recalled how excited Kendra was when she had her milk teeth removed because she’d be getting her permanent teeth soon. “Similar to how she herself changed, her toothpaste as well shifted from Hapee Kiddie to Hapee Buddy,” said Chesca. The change in her toothpaste did not alter how much she loves brushing her teeth since the design, the smell, and the flavor are consistently great and kid-friendly. Shifting to Hapee Buddy was an easy transition for Kendra since she enjoys its Kiwi flavor, while having the right protection against tooth decay due to it having the right amount of fluoride level recommended for pre-teens. It also has improved menthol freshness perfect for those between 6 to 12 years old.
The third and most important thing in Kendra’s life that has remained ever present is her family. “We make it a point for our family to do everything together,” shared Chesca. “That is the reason why our kids, not just Kendra, have such good oral health; we would have brush time together so they always look forward to it.” “Even if they are not little babies anymore, we still all sleep in the same room so we all brush our teeth at the same time. Before we go to bed, we all say ‘let’s go together to the bathroom, let’s all brush our teeth,’” Chesca revealed. Everything is indeed fun when the whole family is enjoying the experience together.

With every kid’s changing needs, Hapee Kiddie has come up with a complete line of toothpaste that addresses the oral healthcare requirement of every child at different stages.  There is Hapee Baby for babies age 4 to 24 months, Hapee Kiddie for kids age 2 to 5 years old, and Hapee Buddy for kids age 6 to 12 years old.

You don’t have to worry about your kid’s oral health as brushing time is always fun time with Hapee Buddy, Hapee Kiddie and Hapee Baby. For more information on how your kids can look forward to brushing their teeth, visit

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