by - 18 February

In this digital time there are a lot of innovation that helps our daily life routine more comfortable. With the use of all the gadgets like tablet, mobile phones, laptops, smartwatches and other stuff that involves with technology. We are really so blessed to be given such talent and intellect from our almighty God that we have thought and invented such things that made our life much more convenient.
Anyhow, today I will be sharing my review on this beautiful smartwatch that Gearbest have sent me. This is actually my first smartwatch since I'm not really fan of wearing a watch. After few days of using this smartwatch here's my honest review.

As for the design, I love it since it's black and can be worn with any outfit but it's actually more perfect if the lcd is not a square form. It's easy to navigate, you just have to follow what was written on the manual. You just have to connect the watch on your smart phone using the Da Fit app that was indicated in the manual. The display screensaver can be personalize as well using your own photo and navigate it through your app. You can do a lot of things and record it on your phone, your heartbeat can be monitored as well, the number of your sleeping hours, your training either your exercise routine, or while playing sports, anything that involves physical activities. You also have to reach your goal for a day that depends on your height or weight I guess. Weather forecast is also accessible but you have to connect it on your phone. While connected, everything including your messages, calls and social media notification will pop up but you won't be able to answer them it will only notify you to check on your phone. The battery life is good for 12 hours use if connected on your phone and your using an internet connection but I guess it will last longer if you don't use your internet that often. You have to charge it for 3 hours for full charging. It's not heavy to wear , it's very light. I guess I'm giving it a four stars out of five.  I think they can do something with the display screen which is in a square form and change it to circular.  
I am very happy with my very first smartwatch and I thank gearbest for sending me this beautiful watch. If you want to purchase this watch just simply click here and also they have a grand opening promotion which you can avail discounts just simply go to their website or here

Thank you for reading and have a nice day ahead! :)

Disclosure: * I received a product in exchange for writing this review, though all opinions are my own.

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