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Last weekend, after so many attempts of visiting this island again it finally pushed through. I was so happy fulfilling this dream of mine to go back and to enjoy the island. The first time I went there was a long long time ago and I haven't fully enjoyed the beach because we went there for a fashion show. So, when we have given such opportunity to explore the island who could have say no right? The island have truly improved a lot better and I was just so amazed how beautiful this island is. Given a short period of time to enjoy, we arranged our schedule properly and was able to go to places that is famous to all the tourist in the island. If you're asking where this island is located, it is in the Province of Cebu, Philippines.
So, are you ready to read our summer adventure in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu? 

Make those moment count. That was and always is my motto whenever we are in a place that is so worth visiting. Not a single minute should be wasted. So we started our tour as soon as we arrived. Our first stop was of course at the resort where we're staying. We stayed at Mayet's Beach Resort. We left all our things and then we rented a tricycle for the day tour. I will tell you all the expenses at the end of this post. So, we went to Camp Sawi mangrove first that is originaly known as Omagieca Mangrove Garden in Bantayan Island. It became famous after a famous Filipino Movie was released and was shoot there in Bantayan, Island. There were specific scenes that was shoot in that area and it draws a lot of tourist and to have their photos taken for instagram feed and I'm guilty that I'm one of them. I packed several outfits in order to have different ootd's for the gram.

An entrance fee of Php50.00 is required and definitely worthit. You get to see the beauty of Omagieca Mangrove Garden. You can stay for a while at their cottages if you'd want to. There's also a restaurant located near the entrance so if you feel hungry you can just dine anytime.  We took few photos and also there were 2 signages of CAMP SAWI (ill-fated camp) and one CAMP WAGI (Victory Camp) signage. I love the part there were you have to pass a forest like mangrove.

After our Omagieca experience, the tricycle driver drove us at the Ruins cliff diving spot. The water is really clear like crystal. We saw several tourist who were also in that area and some were diving and swimming as well. Apart from the part that there's a ruin building in there, the diving spot is most likely worth visiting.

Next destination is Paradise Beach, it was actually I who wanted to visit the place. I was actually inspired to visit the place after I saw a very awesome photo on my feed from one of the travel bloggers I followed. There were actually two parts of the Paradise Beach but "kuya" the tricycle driver brought us to the most visited one but since I saved the photo and showed the driver that I was looking for this one, they immediately told us that it is on the other side. So we carry on and proceed to Paradise Beach, Camp Site. I was in awe seeing the place, it was really beautiful. The whole island really is beautiful, I am so proud being a Cebuano. How can I not be? Living in a beautiful place I called home.
Thank you for my very loving partner who captured every instagramable photos I have. I love you always and thank you for learning how to capture my photos beautifully.

After our Paradise adventure we head on to Kota Beach Resort. The last destination for our tour. This was actually the most famous resort in Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island after the movie I mentioned a while ago. It was a lovely resort and perfect for couple getaways. :)
 (the next day we visited Kandugyap by the Sea)

 beside our resort (Jelly's haven)

 at the front beach of Laplaya Resort beside our resort.


That was all covered with the tour, actually there's one more but we opted not to visit there anymore since the entrance was a little bit pricey and we won't be staying for long.

We went to MJ Square to have our dinner which by the way was amazing. There were plenty of restaurant that you can choose and the food is awesome. :)

I really recommend that you have to experience the place, go and have fun! Book your summer adventure now! :)

Breakdown of Expenses
Boat fare  going to Bantayan from Hagnaya Port- 185.00
ecological fee - 30.00
Tricycle Tour - 600.00/4 person
Omagieca entrance - 50.00
Paradise Beach Campsite entrance  - 50.00
Tricycle fare  from Mayet's Beach to MJ Square - 10.00

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