by - 11 April

Summer is already here and we have booked tickets already for summer vacation. Some of us maybe shopping for outfits to wear already and hurray I'm one of them. Well, I just love dressing up during summer, who else does feel the same way? We have a lot of option to choose from when it's summer right? We can bring out our vibrant colors And we can wear our sassy sandals.
That's why I will be sharing today here on the blog this new shoe store I found online that captures my heart. Introducing FSJshoes that synchronized with international fashion. FSJ means innovation or adventurous which symbolizes the modern women's life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and vitality. I love the idea that they aim  to help women realized their dream of fashion and pursuit of quality. I have checked their designs and I was really amazed on every details. I will be showing you some of them that catches my attention and would love to have them on my closet.
 I love this plaid chunky heels peep toe ankle strap sandals that is perfect for basic tee and black skirt. Among there summer sandals collection this one is my first favorite. First favorite because the heels is not really that high, I love the fact that I can wear it all day without hurting my feet.
 This  colorful chunky sandals is perfect for a vibrant summer look. Pairing it with yellow halter top and a tattered skinny jeans will be lovely. What do you think?
 Oh, for a shining shimmering that sparkles, this silver glitter wedge sandals is perfect for a little black dress and top it off with a cute glittering hair clip. Can you imagine that already?
Looking for some killer look ? Nothing can go wrong with a yellow stiletto. This will be cute with any vibrant color dresses.
 If you want something laid back and more comfortable but still sassy, this denim beach sandals is perfect for you! Imagine wearing it with a crop top and a super short shorts. Perfection!
Lastly, you can slay this look at coachella or whatever music festival your attending. This is perfect for Boho-style look. 

Those were just my favorites at their shop but there are plenty of them that I think you'll definitely love. Try picking something that will suit your personality and match it with the outfit you have in mind. You can be as classy and as sassy as me if you'd want to or you can be that simple chic who draw attention. Wear it with style and confidence of course! Remember, good shoes will take you to good places. Head on to their website now FSJshoes and start shopping your favorite shoes. And oh, don't forget to leave your comment below and have fun shopping! Don't forget to tag me on my instagram for your new ootd's! Have a nice day ahead!

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