by - 29 April

They said that shoes takes you to places while bags tells your personality. I'm always a fan of backpacks because it's a combination of cute and sassy that exactly tells my personality, aside from that it's much more convenient to carry. That's why today I will be sharing this online shop that sells a backpack where you can be trendy and cute at the same time.
 I came across Baginning and started browsing their shop and I thought I'll be sharing some of their cute bags here on the blog. Let's start with their clear backpack collection.
This one looks simple but classy. I like the design of this bag and it's perfect for every ootd. 
A transparent bag with a color that is pleasant to everyone's eye and is perfect to add up on your summer collection.
And I totally love this sweet jelly bag mini clear that says I'm indeed a mini fashion girl. This is perfect for white sneakers and a mini skirt. What do you think? 

I really love every details of the bag and what's even more attractive are these vintage backpacks that I'm dying to have. It's definitely perfect for your ootd's! 
I can say that it's really a good deal. Getting a product that is totally worth buying. Just like this leather back pack. 
How can I not love a two toned bag. This one is really pretty. I'm really stunned with every design they have, it's pretty unique. I can't wait to get my hands on them. How about you?  Do you have something you like? They have more designs and I bet you will love them as well. Let me know  your opinions below. Thank you for dropping by!

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  1. Wow! These bags are amazing! I love the two-toned and the see-through bags <3