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"Live with no excuses and Travel with no regrets". It was once a dream that turns into reality. I always love the idea of traveling outside the country and I am forever grateful that finally I was given an opportunity to explore one of the many places that I'd love to visit. Being a k-drama fan, I always imagine myself exploring Korea and wandering around experiencing their culture.
Last 18th of May my dream had finally came true, it may not be in Seoul but at least I get to experience Busan, South Korea. It was an all expense paid experience that I will forever be grateful to the Province of Cebu. I never thought I'd get to enjoy the privilege of being a performer. Dancing is always my passion and being part of Cebu Capitol Dance Troupe made me so proud. We were able to perform not just in Cebu, Philippines but as well as in Busan, South Korea. This is so far one of the main highlights on my 2019 journey. So today, I will be sharing my photo diary in Busan,

We went to Haeundae Beach in Busan, one of the most famous and beautiful beach in Korea. Though the weather is not really that friendly but still we were able to enjoy our visit there.

We went to ASEAN Culture House and had lunch at Maxim Shabu2x near the beach.

We had our rehearsal and blocking.

We went strolling and buy some stuff.

And we had our performance, one of the best performance we had so far.

Took several ootd's for the gram. My experience travelling abroad was super fun because of the people I'm surrounded with. The food was great, the weather is a little disappointing though but overall I had enjoyed Busan. I will be back in Korea but I will explore Seoul next time that's a promise. How about you? Do you love to visit Korea as well?

photo credits to: Christopher John Llerin and Chrissie Jane Iman

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