Korean Fashion Ensemble

by - 17 July

I can't count how many k-dramas I have watched already and I can't deny the fact that I am an avid kdrama fan. I've been watching too much kdrama that even the food they ate is what I've always craved. I can't also deny the fact that I admire seeing how they dress up so good even though in simple ensembles. May it be a simple denim skirt with a knitted top is good to look at.
Although sometimes I wish I am as skinny as them but then again I simply love being me. Who said only skinny can showcase this kind of look?

That's why I am beyond thankful that finally an online store here in the Philippines had recently launched korean fashion online store that is definitely what I've been looking for. You can definitely choose between small medium and large so no need to worry and don't get fooled by free size fits medium to large. Head over at K-fashionph now and avail a big discount for your purchase! Follow their instagram as well to get to know their updates and promotions. 

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