by - 11 September

Being a single mom, I needed to squeeze my time of being a mom and an employee at the same time. There are moments that I can't even buy the things I want for myself since it will take a lot of time and effort going  over a department store.
I always opted to buy my stuff such as clothes and other beauty essentials online. It works best for me! That's why I end up trying different online platforms that offers best deal for my clothing and other things that I'd love to have. 
Every time I wanted to buy something online I always make sure that I read reviews of the shop since it always help me in my decision when buying stuff from them. I do have some recommendations where to purchased online that has been proven and tested already. Zaful, dresslily, zalora and zarah are my favorite online fashion store. There's also shopee and lazada if you want a wide variety of choices.  What I love about shopping online is the fact that we can actually track our order through Order Tracking which is feasible for both sellers and buyers. We can always ask them if we have questions about our order and they'll help us track our order
That's why shopping online is less-hassle and worry-free since it saves our time and effort. I'm always thankful about this innovation since it helps me a lot. We can always enjoy shopping at home to our own convenience with just a flick of our fingers. It also helps that we can always check our order by ourselves via Tracktry and wait for them without having to worry. 

These are the things that we need to remember when buying online.
1. Read Reviews
2. Remember a Sale!
3. Use Coupons for discounts
4. Just shop what you needed more  rather than want (Ask yourself before clicking the add to cart button)
5. You can always reward yourself once in a while but not too much. :)

Those were the simple things that I needed to remember when purchasing online. How about you? Any thoughts you wanted to share? Are you also purchasing online? Let me know by dropping a comment below and make sure to Track Your Order

God Bless Everyone!

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