by - 21 January

Year Twenty-Nineteen had been an amazing year for me. I had so much to thank for and my heart was so grateful for being able to explore to a lot of places and went to different adventures. That's why I welcomed Twenty-twenty with a grateful heart. Since I am posting this a little bit late, and a lot had happened already I am already looking forward for a great year ahead of me.
Though I have encountered some rough roads but I certainly know that everything happens for a reason. I promise myself this year though that I will certainly write down my highlights for the day on my BDJ journal which was given to me by AVA Shofa on one of her giveaways. :) Thank you Ava!
I have written so many entries already and I can't wait to vlog for real, I'm just really looking for the right time and courage of course. (lol) Please do follow her vlog, she's funny and witty at the same time and if you're a fellow Cebuano the more reason you should follow her vlog. She's also quite generous with giveaways! :) Anyways, I also hope you can follow me on my YOUTUBE account, I'm starting to upload videos but not really the actual vlogging since I'm still practicing.

I have a lot on my mind on what to do and where to go this year and I really hope you can support me on this journey since of which is to be able to find time to blog often this year. I kept on breaking my promises though for the past few years but hey, what's important is that I haven't given up on my blog. That is why, I need your help. I hope you can shoot me a comment or email me if you have something in mind that you wanted me to share here on the blog please do let me know. 
For now, I'm still trying to figure out on what content should I post and I need to plan on scheduling my post. I really do hope I'll have more inspiration this year to blog often aside from the sponsored post I do here on my blog just to keep this blog of mine running. 

I wish you all a good year ahead and please don't forget to tag me on instagram as well @sassy_cebuana. Let me know if you wanted to follow each other and let's be an inspiration to one another? What do you think?

 Let's all be happy and continue learning this year. Let's all invest to making the most out of our ordinary lives. :) Aja!

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