Hype up your OOTD with Personalized Letter Name Necklace

by - 02 March

Every time that I'm not sure about what outfit to wear and stick with basic Tee and jeans I always make sure to wear some accessories just to make a simple look into a sassy one. Perhaps wearing bold earrings and even better to complete our look with a personalized necklace. It actually hypes up our style staple!

During my years in college I used to wear a necklace with my initials on it and it was a gift from a special someone. It was a lovely remembrance that I will never forget. Talking about gifts, I think a sterling silver name necklace would be perfect to give to our special someone, may it be your best friend, your sister/brother, your boy/girlfriend, your mom/dad or to your children. 
It might sound a little cheesy but I think having to received such personalized gifts from someone is actually better than a designer bag. Especially if they put so much effort on what style will be better accompanying with both of your names with a cute little heart on the center. :) I really find it sweet and romantic when your boyfriend gives you a personalized necklace and will be the one to put that necklace on you. It reminds me of most k-dramas I watched. Anyways, if your having a hard time looking for gifts I recommend that you should head over getnamenecklace website just click this LINK for more designs. 
You can also personalized not just names but as well as engraved your photos, that's me and my daughter in a locket. Beautiful right? You can also choose different designs and upload your very own photo. You are all welcome to visit the site and choose which design you prefer. 
You can engrave words as well on your chosen necklace. What's more perfect gift than this right? Make sure to give yourself a little gift as well because you deserve it! :) 

Let me know what you think about personalized necklaces by dropping your comment below. 

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