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Being as sassy as I am, I always consider picking up a cute accessories to complete my ensemble. Whether it's a necklace, an earring, a ring or even a simple brooch. Believe it or not, your simple basic tee wouldn't go to waste if you pair it up with some accessories. Basic Tee + Cute Necklace is equal to a stylish and fashionable you. That's why today I will be introducing this new online shop that will complete your OOTD, DAZZLE LUNA

They have different styles of Necklace that will suit to your style. Take a look at these beautiful layered necklace that will surely spiced up your outfit. 

I remembered that I wore one of this last year. Me and my friends have traveled to a beautiful Island here in the Philippines which is know as Camuigin, Island. I was wearing a summer outfit and had these layered necklace on. 

Cute right? I told you! Accessories can sure dazzle up your outfit. They also have personalized name necklace if you want to wear your names or initials. 

And oh, since we talked about weddings on my previous post, this necklace is perfect for the bride. It's actually a necklace and an earrings set. 

Rhinestone Pearls Bridal Jewelry Set Necklace and Earring Set

What a perfect accessories for a happy bride! Agree? If you're looking for a necklace that will suit your style, head over their website Dazzle Luna now.

Aside from necklace they also have brooches, earrings and rings. Not just an ordinary rings, I'm talking about those blings! These are some of the designs that I would love to have.

These midi rings are killing me. I love them all that I want to buy them all. The last one is just simple but absolutely cute! They also have engagement rings. I found this very unique engagement ring that symbolizes a star and a moon. I remember the necklace that Go Jun Pyu in the famous Flower Four, gave it to Gum Jan Di as a sign of his love. This ring is so perfect that if someone will give this one to me, I'll definitely say YES!

I really can't get enough of those lovely rings. It will look lovely with your nails done like that. What do you think? I think it is perfect. I can go on and on about these beautiful accessories but I want you to discover all the beautiful accessories that you will surely won't disappoint you. To know more about Dazzle Luna don't forget to visit their website and have fun choosing which accessories to dazzle up your outfit. 

Let me know what you think about these accessories by leaving your comment below. Thank you for dropping by!

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