by - 17 June

The world is greatly affected by the pandemic that we are currently experiencing as of now. A lot of events have cancelled. One of the meaningful event that was cancelled this year is my brother's wedding. He's supposed to get married last first week of June, but the wedding will still push through this year though. Maybe on the month of his birthday which is October. And we're all looking forward for that wonderful day to come. 

And we're all looking forward for that wonderful day to come..

Speaking about Weddings, we all know that this year is such a challenge to us. That's why the best way to make that ceremony happen is through a simple wedding. Simple but elegant wedding for 2020. You can start planning that simple wedding by trimming down your number of visitors. You just have to invite those people who are close to your heart. It will be a meaningful celebration with the people that really matters to you. Choose a meaningful venue. It doesn't need to be extravagant, a simple celebration will make your wedding day more memorable. 

For the entourage, cut it down to Grooms Men, Maid of Honor, 2 Brides Maid, one flower girl, one bible bearer and one ring bearer. You just have to pick a theme for your entourage and if you're going to ask me, I think pastel colors will be beautiful. Primary and secondary sponsors can always play on what to wear depending on the given wedding-theme. For Brides Maid you might want to see this beautiful designs for your preference.
For the food, let's just limit our menus to simple but healthy and delicious meals. Desserts and Pastries is most likely a bonus since we will be having a simple celebration. What matters is, the genuine love you both shared as a couple and the beautiful ceremony that will always be remembered.
Lastly, for the bride, start choosing the best yet simple but elegant wedding dress to wear on your wedding day. Always remember that it's best to wear something that you're comfortable wearing. Go with your style, whether it's an off-shoulder, a v-neck, an embroidered lace or a long sleeves wedding dress. Choose what suits you best. Confident and perfect style that suits your personality is always the key to wearing your wedding gown with a beautiful smile while walking down the aisle. This moment will always store on your husband or partner's mind. That's why choosing your wedding dress will always play an important role. You can also get an inspiration from these designs.

Are you ready to make your wedding day memorable? Visit and choose which wedding dress suits you best. You can always ask me if you need help on choosing your wedding dress. I would be glad to help you out anytime. If you have questions and concerns don't forget to leave your comment below. Enjoy your day!

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