Photobook: Memories are meant to Be Printed and Kept

by - 06 June

Remember your friendster account? How about multiply? Those were the social networking sites we had before facebook and instagram. Why am I talking about it? It's because I have several photos uploaded on each account. Photos of my modelling and beauty pageant days. Photos of my out of town events and travel journeys. And all of them have disappeared in a thin air. I cried when I can no longer see those wonderful memories, if only I have them printed. Then I should have shown it to my daughter. But all I can do now is recall about those memories and wished that I won't forget it as years passed by. 

That made me realized now that even though I have facebook and instagram, I shouldn't rely on them for keepsaking those wonderful memories I uploaded in every album. That's why I am so thankful that it's easier for me already to have them printed and it's even greater that I can turn them into a magazine like called Photobook. Seeing those memories printed on those papers with a beautiful cover made me giddy and excited to plan another wonderful adventure.

They also have personalized merchandise like pillows, tumblers and photo tags/luggage tags. You can also choose diferrent sizes or have them softcover or you can also prefer their imagewrap hardcover photobook. If you also wishes to display your wedding photos or your family picture you can turn them into a canvass.

All you have to do is download the app on your mobile ©️photobookph or you can login to their website photobook and transform those photos stuck on your photo album to one of these. Save your best photos, if you are good in editing you can also edit it yourself or let photobook services design it beautifully! 

They have different templates to choose from. If you have a child/kids try creating a disney photobook for them. Watch this video to see my beautiful collection and head to their website right after and print those beautiful memories! 😉 

They have an on-going sale right now so make sure to grab those coupons before they're gone! 

And if you want to have a free photobook make sure to download the app and you'll get a welcome gift from photobook.  Awesome right? 

If you have questions feel free to ask me or You can Tag me @sassy_cebuana and @photobookph about your photobook experience! 😉 Have fun! 

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