Walk in Faith - My ECQ Story

by - 20 June

I don't know how and what to write on my blog amidst the crisis that we're facing right now. I can't even tell exactly how I felt right now. As you see, Cebu City has still rising numbers of covid positive in the entire Philippines. I guess we're already on the top surpassing Quezon City. I'm scared yes, scared not for myself but for my family. I have a daughter, she's only five years old and a 2 senior citizens, which is my parents. Since I live with them, along with my sisters and my daughter, I can't help but to be scared for them. At the same time, I am at eased because during the start of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) I have a family that prays religiously. Faith is the only thing that keeps us going. Faith that we will all survived this Virus. How about you? How are you doing amidst this pandemic? Let me tell you my my ECQ story. 

When the ECQ started, both of my parents who are seniors, have stopped selling Puto Maya (Sticky Rice) and Sikwate (Hot chocolate) that has been our bread and butter for 34 years already. Our small business that our parents both loved even if we asked them for how many times already not to continue selling anymore, but this pandemic happens. As much as they wanted to continue selling, they just can't because it's too risky for them. Since we are not rich we can't afford to just sit down and do nothing and we also don't belong to the poorest of the poor who receives cash assistance from the government because we have jobs. Unfortunately 3 of my sisters loses their job during this pandemic, and that left me, my sister with the help of my brother who was living on his own already and was about to get married, shouldered all our expenses for the entire ecq. That made me thankful. Thankful that we have each others back. Thankful that no matter what, we have a strong family bond that surpasses all the trials. 

This pandemic bring me much closer to my daughter as well. I have more time to play with her, teach her how to read and watch movies with her. We bonded everyday by playing, studying and we even argue sometimes. Single mom isn't that hard, especially if I have the sweetest daughter in the universe. She hugs me everyday, say I love you out of nowhere and tells me I am beautiful. It's funny that I appreciate this break amidst the fear that this virus brings. 

And this pandemic bring us much closer to God. We now have the time to pray together, aside from Sundays, but every single day we pray rosary. We pray for our family, our relatives, for the world, for the front liners, for the sick who fights with the deadly virus and for those who have died from the virus. 

One of the many things we do as a family aside from praying is living a healthy lifestyle. We do exercise at home. We eat  healthy food and drink healthy drinks. We brainstorm ideas on how to build  back our bread and butter. Then we thought about going online. We have rebranded our simple business that my parents both love. When ECQ was lifted, we went back to business but let our parents to just stay at home and we do the hustle. We continued the legacy. That made us so productive in this time of crisis. We were able to save our business and we do it hand in hand. My sister Eve was incharged with the buying of ingredients, my brother Gio was incharged with the graphics!/logo of our page, my sister Joycie was incharged boosting our page, and me and my sister Gwen was incharged with marketing our products to our colleagues as soon as we get back from work. We still have a lot to do and this break gives us so many ideas on what to do next. 
For now, we are still on the process of making this business go on. If you'd love to hear more of our story just browse on our facebook page! A screenshot of the story behind this little business my parents started. 

That's exactly how we are able to cope up with all the anxiety that this pandemic had brought us. We keep ourselves busy. We keenly follow all the rules that was set by the government. It still saddens me though that the virus have taken more lives. And I'm still afraid for my loved ones but we have to continue living. I know that this too will pass. I have Faith in him. I have to be strong for my family, especially for my daughter. Life maybe hard for now, but there's always a rainbow after a pouring rain. Just walk in FAITH.

This story is an entry to ComCo Southeast Asia’s “Write to Ignite Blogging Project”. The initiative is a response to the need of our times, as every story comes a long way during this period of crisis. Igniting and championing the human spirit, “Write to Ignite Blog Project” aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities to inspire the nation to rise and move forward amidst the difficult situation. This project is made possible by ComCo Southeast Asia, co-presented by Eastern Communications and sponsored by Electrolux, Jobstreet and Teleperformance.

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  1. Praying goes a long indeed. 💗And also exercising haha😅

  2. So glad to have known you and your family. That makes me miss home with my family.

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  4. Inspirational. God Bless you and all your family wherever they may roam. (If roaming is allowed after lockdown...)

  5. Nice💕 sending my prayers to your family also. Lets keep praying💙

  6. Nice blog ngers !I miss your family, never seen them since covid-19 happened!
    God bless you and your family always 😘