Kendra Celestine Fashion Shoot

by - 01 July

It's been a while already since the last time I blogged about my daughter. Since this month is her month, I decided to do a series of post for her on my platform. She's turning six already this 15th and I am beyond proud of having a daughter like her. She's the sweetest! Anyhow, this fashion fun shoot we had was inspired by my love for korean dramas. That furry top she's wearing  and the beret were actually mine. I wore that when I went to Busan, South Korea last year. 

I will be uploading more of her fun shoot on this month of July. Though I'm a little sad since Cebu City has still rising numbers of covid positive and is still on Enhanced Community Quarantine, her cousins won't be able to make it on her birthday. I guess we will just have a very simple celebration on her 6th birthday. 

Please do follow her FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Let me know on your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Stay Safe Everyone!

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